beats and life

Gold School is an instrumental hip-hop project I started in 2007 originally called J-mac Productions. It was my ode to J Dilla and Boogie Down Productions. All I did in those days was sample records and make beats. Looking back through my itunes I realized I have over 150 songs recorded under the j-mac productions moniker.

I have decided to post a mini mix consisting of five beats I made in 2007.

You can download it here.


  1. your poster says youre playing tonight, everywhere else says your playing tomorrow, and no one is selling tickets. Any help solving this puzzle?

  2. hmmm
    yeah theres a mistake on the poster.
    the show is friday.

    tickets are available at the door.

  3. I like your shirt. Would you care to wager it over a poker game?

  4. haha why not, the odds are with me!